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autoclosets® LT 8.0 has been developed to cover the needs of fitted wardrobe sales teams by generating 3D photorealistic images, plans and quotes in just a few minutes.

autoclosets® allows the user to modify internal spaces and move or erase elements like drawers, shelves, fillers, dividers and hanging rails in a very easy and accurate way. It controls the position of these elements according to any prefixed holes and assures that the wardrobe design is adapted to the manufacturer's specifications.

Main Features:
  • Very easy to use and learn.
  • Fast: design and quote fitted wardrobes in minutes.
  • Reliable: It controls the position of the elements according to any prefixed holes and assures that the wardrobe design is adapted to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • It automatically generates top and elevation plans with all the spaces dimensions and photorealistic 3D images.
Main features of autoclosets LT 8.0 for Windows, the 2D/3D closets design software. Easy and affordable professional closet design software.
Type (model)
Type (model): The designer starts by choosing the number of modules. Next they decide on the type of doors according to the way they open, models and mouldings. Each door model can have multiple materials and finishes. The finish for the interior, mouldings and side panels can be selected separately.
Architecture and Obstacles
Architecture and Obstacles: The Designer will indicate the architectural space in which the wardrobe will be fitted and the position according to the walls. The front can be aligned to one or two walls, one or two end panels etc. and as a result it is very easy to select the correct type of Scribes, returns or panels. The designer can also insert any pillars or beams that will affect the design.
Doors and spaces
Doors and spaces: With the data entered, autoclosets® calculates the usable space according to the modules and architecture selected, it calculates the width and depth of each one of the modules, and these can be changed individually. The designer can also choose the number of doors, distribution, number of panels, finishes and frame materials. The program will show any changes in real time on your screen.
Structure: The designer can insert the top shelves and dividers. Designers can also modify the module sizes individually and apply the relevant modifications to be adapted to obstacles, such as boxing or modifying the width to be aligned with a pillar.
Distribution: At this stage autoclosets® displays the dimensions all of the spaces available to help the designer with the distribution of drawers, fillers, shelves, hanging rails, dividers etc. All these elements are inserted according to the manufacturer specifications automatically. For example to move a shelf is as easy as clicking on it and use the up-down arrows on your keyboard. The shelf will move according to the available holes. Any changes on the finishes for shelves, drawers etc are shown in real time in your screen.

 Plans and Images 

autoclosets® LT 8.0 will automatically generate photorealistic images in 3D, as well as top and elevation plans with all the spaces' dimensions, distances between shelves, drawer heights, hanging rail elevation etc. In elevation plans autoclosets® LT 8.0 also shows any collision areas for the drawers with doors and mouldings.

Top and elevation plans with all the spaces' dimensions


autoclosets® LT 8.0 includes several catalogues with all the required specifications for the design of the wardrobe. The Universal Catalogue includes multiple doors models, drawers, dividers, shelves accessories etc. It has more than 30 parameters that affect the structure, mouldings and doors. These parameters can be modified by users to adapt the wardrobe to their needs.


autoclosets® LT 8.0 will produce a quote for the wardrobe according to the design. The prices are grouped by doors, interiors and accessories and different ranges can be quoted from only one design.

autoclosets® LT 8.0 includes a price calculator for the user to customise how the program will calculate prices.

  3D Views  

In the autoclosets® LT 8.0 screen the designer can instantly create a 3D photorealistic image of the wardrobe with or without doors. With the help of the mouse the designer can move the camera position in real time as well as zooming in and out. The 3D visualization of the wardrobe will help customers choose their finishes, increasing their confidence and accelerating their decisions.

3D photorealistic image of the wardrobe with or without doors

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