Product Comparison

autoclosets® is available in two versions: autoclosets® and Quick3DCloset®. Below is a table comparing the two versions:

Features by Product autoclosets® Quick3DCloset®
Extensive universal catalogs (with sliding doors and hinged doors). Yes Yes
Wardrobes with multiple sides (L-shaped wardrobes). Yes No
Wardrobes with sloping roofs. Yes No
Detailed floor plans and elevations. Yes Yes
Tools for generating advanced project documentation. Yes No
Dynamic 3D views with materials, photorealistic images, and panoramas. Yes Yes
Integrated project cost estimation. Yes Yes
Advanced price configurator. Yes No
Independent quoting software. Yes No
Integration with autodecco® and autokitchen®. Yes No
Manufacturer catalogs. Yes No
Generation of panel lists for manufacturing. Yes Yes
Link with cutting optimization programs. Yes Yes
Template configurator with manufacturing methods. Yes No
Complete room design with furniture. Yes Yes

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